The Acrylic

Acrylic, or PMMA (poly methyl-methacrylate), it’s one of the most modern polymers with the highest quality on the market due to their ease of shape forms, lightness, brightness, transparency, and the resilience that has over the glass. It’s a plastic material which, subjected at a certain temperature, has a high viscosity that can be molded.

The acrylic stands out from other materials due to their exceptional qualities and properties, which can be used in various situations: decoration objects, food area, display stands, brochures and sign posting holders for advertising and events.molded. 

Some of the properties that make the acrylic a luxury material for different industry sectors are:

  • Crystalline, transparent, reaching 92% light transmittance;
  • Infinite color possibilities(transparent, translucentand opaquecolors);
  • Non-toxic: total safetywhen in contactwithfood;
  • Strong, rigidandresistant: thedensity range isbetween 1150 and 1190 kg / m³; goodimpactresistance, beingresistant to thefragmentation;
  • Excellent UV radiation and weather resistance.

For acrylic cleaning you may use a clean and soft cloth soaked in waterand soap or neutral detergent. This should be done gently in order to prevent scratches on the surface due to particles accumulated.Never use for the cleaning acetone, turpentine or alcohol since they can cause damage on the acrylic surface.